Jalepeño Jack Scones

HEY YALL. hey. Happy Friday! I hope you all have great things to look forward to this weekend!

I got to start my weekend a little early and go out to dinner at Town Hall in SF last night with a current and former bossman. It was really good to see the former (Steve). He’s from Texas and a really big deal in consumer protection law. Smart man who is fun to listen to (and boy, can he talk).  I picked Town Hall upon Seleta’s suggestion, but also for the menu which features California cuisine–southern style.  This seems to be a hot trend right now, and who am I to argue? I had biscuits with red pepper jelly, crusted red trout and cauliflower (and some fried cheese grits!), and made-to-order beignets. Made me miss The South and made me miss working in eating in restaurants…

But piggybacking on the southern theme, today’s post is appropriate. Wednesday night I made Veggie Chili with Jalepeño Pepperjack scones. The chili was good, but let’s be honest, I could have just had the scones for dinner.

I brought these scones up at dinner last night. Dan (current bossman) told Steve about how I’m quite the baker. And then proceeded to engage in a discussion about how he thinks Martha Stewart is the worst thing to happen to Women’s Lib in the last 20 years. Listen, Dan. Take that back. Martha is simply showing people (man or woman!) how to cook. And occassionally craft (although, let’s be real, her projects are impossible). If it weren’t for Martha, I wouldn’t know how to fold the fitted sheet! Valuable life lessons. That’s what Martha gives.

cubed cheese and cooked jalepeños

 These are pretty basic scones and easy to make. So do it. For your happiness.

This recipe came from… you guessed it, Joy the Baker. And because I didn’t change the recipe one bit, I’m just going to send you to her… Recipe
Bon Appetit!

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