Sandra’s Cafe

Hi friends. Sorry I’ve been away. I’ve been in a blogging funk. Or rather, a baking funk. It’s this in-between-seasons thing. The fruits I want to bake with aren’t really in season. And I’m a religious abider of the laws of the seasons so no, you cannot wear white pants/shoes after labor day, and no, you cannot bake apples and pumpkin bread until it is officially fall. Septermber 23rd. Let the countdown begin.

In the meantime, I spent the last hour of my life discussing my dream cafe with a lady at work.  Having worked in the service industry, I have often thought of what kind of restaurant I would have. Answer: bakery/cafe…

It would have this feel. Brick storefront. Warmth. Cozy. Maybe a fireplace? Definitely twinkle lights.

Bread. We would have lots and lots of bread. We’d sell it to local restaurants. There will be eclectic baskets. High ceilings. Those two are my employees.

There would be pour over coffee. And high end espresso drinks. With latte art:

We would be known for our scones. But also have delicious paninis and salads for the lunch crowd. There would be italian sodas.

Seasonally, we’d have ice cream. With flavors like lavender honey and black licorice (and peanut butter!). There would be homemade yogurt with homemade granola. We’d have my mom’s famous cheesecake. And cupcakes and petit fours.

Bites of heaven

I’d call it Sandra’s after my mom because she taught me everything I know about baking. And life. And hang black and white pictures of my family. The coffee mugs would be red. And the plates won’t match.


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