Been a while…

Oh, hello there. Here’s a fun fact about me: sometimes, I am lazy.

Well, maybe I’m just busy and that makes me lazy about blogging. Either way, thanks for your patience. I won’t bore you with mundane details of said “busy” (LSAT. Nuff said.) Instead, I’ll unload some pics from my phone:

Fall run

Fall in California is quite unlike Fall on the East Coast. I am so jealous of you east coasters right now. However, this ain’t nothing to complain about. Last year, our Indian Summer ran right into November. This year, it looks like we just might be settling in for fall. We even had an early rain (RAIN! I haven’t seen you in MONTHS). Otherwise, temperatures in the 70s, sunny, crisp. Perfect running weather!

Last Giants game of the season

We went to our last Giants game of the season. This was still Indian Summer weather and it was the first night I’d been at the park without a jacket. Brett and I agreed that if the weather were like that all the time, everyone would move here and it would be too crowded. It was nice to have our own little treat.

And then B did some magic:

I'm a magician!

As I alluded to earlier, I like to abide by the rules of the seasons. I don’t take this lightly. Which is why there has been pumpkin in just about everything I’ve baked since Sept. 23.

The perfect Fall snack

That up there is a pumpkin oat muffin with peanut butter. Next to it? Apple cider. I have a bossman with an apple orchard. He makes his own cider and brings it in. Gives me hope that as a lawyer I will still have time for hobbies such as this. This man is also brilliant. Just this morning, he used an analogy involving a butterfly to describe the use of the word “disregarded” in a brief.  I didn’t even know it was possible.

Oat pancake fixins

The past two Sundays have started with oat pancakes. Put peanut butter on those bad boys and call it heaven. And coffee out of my favorite mug (yep. that’s Christmas on that mug). Emily Anne knows me so well.

That about sums up my life at the moment. I’ve discovered the Wicked (as in broadway) station on Pandora. Mostly life changing. Also, We’re trying to be adults and decorate our cottage (finally). I have been scavaging etsy for wall decor. I really want this but B said no:

Knitting Narwhals

Narwhals are my favorite animal. They are like unicorns. But real. In whale form. Win. Win. Win.

Big days ahead full of lots of fun events with friends and family. I will be sure to share memories and photos! Also, tomorrow is FRIDAY. That’s all.