Have you seen the show Portlandia? Oh, it’s good. Worth your time.

Where young people go to retire. Like the Bush administration never happened! Like cars don’t exist!

Sold? Yeah. Me too.

Portland is like the perfect little big city. It has everything you could want in a city without being overcrowded by people or corporations.  It maintains its local flavor through food, coffee, and music while straddling the Columbia River with views of Mt. Hood. Now you’re sold. Right?

Powell’s is arguably the biggest tourist attraction (awesome) maybe next to the rose garden… which I was lucky enough to visit while at a dinner Friday for guests of the wedding I was attending.

It probably helped that it was sunny and warm during my visit. In fact, I believe the only times I’ve ever been in Portland were in July so my view is distorted. But I’m ok with that. Oh, and the wedding was that of a dear, dear friend who threw an amazing party with attention to every detail. That helped too.

Antique handkerchiefs hand selected for our "tears of joy"

All in all, the weekend was a roller coaster of emotions. My mom came down for a morning of exploring Portland and it was hard to say goodbye to her. I saw my friend Kate for the first time in over a year and then saw her get married and then said goodbye.  And made a ton of new friends along the way who I may never see again. And now I’m back in the glorious suburb of Walnut Creek… My good friend Emily said it best, I’ve been suffering from a vacation hangover.

I hope to make it back to Portland soon. And I hope you can make it there too!